Meet Pat Healey

An employee attraction expert, seasoned business owner, author and national speaker, Pat Healey is also creator of the Employee Attraction System™ for self-employed business owners and their teams. In 1977, he started his own business, owning and operating an Insurance and Financial Services agency. Pat continues to love being in the insurance business, due in large part to his rebirth as a 21st century boss and the great people who make up his business team.

Wanting to share the insights he has worked so hard to gain, Pat has coached hundreds of self-employed professionals on how to attract, inspire and retain the best employees. He understands that most business owners are very good at what they do, but don’t know how to create work environments that consistently attract and retain high-performing employees. As a result, many of these business owners find themselves struggling to consistently reach their goals, both professionally and personally. Pat created The Employee Attraction System™ with them in mind.

A key component of this system is The Employee Attraction & Retention Workbook, which is meant as a blueprint to guide you in transforming your business into a place where team members thrive and where well-qualified job candidates seek employment. The companion book, Finding Joy In Your Job, was written specifically to help business owners assist their teams in finding more satisfaction in the jobs they already have.

As a popular speaker, Pat is well known for his Team Success Workshops for small business owners and their teams and his keynote speech, “How the Best Bosses Get Better!” He speaks throughout the country to organizations and associations whose entrepreneurial members want to make more money, have more freedom from management and greater freedom to do what they want to do, when they want to do it.


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