Discover a Proven Method for Transforming Your Good Employees Into Great Ones, and Your Great Employees into Superstars…… all while you increase productivity, profits, morale and retention

Read on to see how all can work for your business…even if you’re at the end of your rope… But first, turn up your speakers for an important message from Pat Healey:

Dear Small Business Owner,

If you’re like most entrepreneurs out there, chances are you’ve never been shown how to attract and retain the highest caliber employees. After all, you’ve been too busy trying to run about a dozen other moving parts of your company while coming up with growth strategies and putting out various fires every day.

But you know it’s important. In fact, you’re starting to realize more and more how critical it is to the survival of your small business to have employees who are passionate about their work, driven to succeed and want to stay right where they are.

Well fortunately you’re here today, and you’ve come across The Employee Attraction and Retention System, which reveals a whole new approach to creating the kind of company that attracts—and keeps—the best of the best employees.

Whether you're just starting out or you’re already well established, this system will do a number of things for you, including:

  • help you sleep better knowing you have a top notch staff ready to help your business grow every day

  • give you a surefire, proven-in-the-trenches way to attract dedicated, engaged team members

  • provide you with a renewed sense of confidence to catapult your business to new heights of profitability

Purchase the ENTIRE SYSTEM for $795.
NOW!  Just $495!
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Pat Healey

Let’s take a look at everything you get


This simple, step-by-step system will build on the skills you’ve already developed and help you assess the current state of your company and your personal branding.

It comes complete with interactive exercises, worksheets and all kinds of mind-stretchers that will get you not only thinking outside the box—but it will have you casting aside the box entirely and transforming the way you look at everything about your employees.

  • You’ll learn how to project the kind of image that attracts the top-tier employees, in record time, every time!

  • You’ll understand how to be one of those places where everyone wants to work, where good employee rapport goes viral

  • You’ll discover how to use 21st century techniques to find the diamonds in the rough who can take your company’s profits, productivity and morale through the roof

  • You’ll see how testing can be an effective and enjoyable process for your employees

  • You’ll learn which words to use in your recruitment ads that will attract the best and brightest

This system can even be used to train your office manager and team leaders, so they can take the high impact concepts and run with them on a daily basis.
This strategies guide alone is worth 10 times the investment of the entire program, but it’s just the beginning of what you get.


This Toolbox was designed to take some of the heavy lifting off your shoulders by providing five unique and highly effective guides that will help you and your office manager not only onboard new employees, but help seasoned employees revitalize their current career with your business.

Here are the five guides:

1. Welcoming you to our team

2. Meeting your boss halfway

3. Charting your course

4. Fine tuning your job

5. Revitalizing your job

Each guide takes your employees on a fun, interactive and engaging excursion toward the mastery of these core principles that you’ll be using in the real world over and over again to achieve incredible results.

Statistics show that your new hires decide within the first 2 weeks if they’re going to stay or not, which is a very tight window for making a great impression. Your use of the five guides within this program will be critical to your employee retention success.

To keep the employees accountable, they will be asked to sign a form stating they have read and completed that section. The point is to have a record for your files and to let the employee know how seriously you take this material.

I’m Pat Healey and I’ve been helping small business owners attract and retain great employees for over 36 years. You can read more about me by clicking here but to make a long story short, you’ll be learning from someone who knows firsthand what you’re going through and I can show you refreshing, innovative strategies to help your business soar, simply by maximizing the potential of the life blood of your business—your employees.

Just imagine having:

  • Employees who love coming to work

  • Higher morale on a long term basis

  • Higher employee retention, saving your company thousands in recruiting expenses

  • A workforce loaded with superstars who spread the word about how great it is to work for you

  • Employer of First ChoiceTM status

  • Quick access to the root of any dissatisfaction that you or your team may be experiencing

  • Improved hiring procedures

  • Maximized value for each team member

  • A full arsenal of eye opening evaluation tools you can use over and over again

And most importantly, imagine having that priceless peace of mind, knowing that you have finally tamed this monster of employee attraction and retention once and for all, so you can get on with the long term strategies, embrace your creative visions and rekindle your entrepreneurial spirit.

The Employee Attraction and Retention System can make this a reality, and at just $495 it’s a no brainer investment in the future of your business.

Purchase the ENTIRE SYSTEM for $795.
NOW!  Just $495!
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